Korean Artists Who Are Muslim


Korean Artists Who Are Muslim – Korean artists are known for their closure with personal problems. Whether it’s related to a spouse or lover, family member, and trust. Moreover, the latter is indeed about his personal relationship with God. But whose name fans will be curious about their idols, so everything personal about them continues to be dug up. Moreover, the Korean entertainment industry has been popular in the world arena. Idols and fans are already abroad. Inevitable Diversity, Here is a list of Korean or Muslim artists.



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As the name implies, VARSITY becomes a boyband with various background members. They can not only greet Korean fans, but also Chinese / Mandarin, French, Arabic, and English. It turns out Manny is Islamic. The facts revealed in the Music Bank event interview, where Manny can not eat boiled kimchi breakfast because it contains pork. As a Muslim, he must be selective in consuming halal and good food.


2.Han Ga In

Han Ga In
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Korean Artists Who Are Muslim – Actress born 25 February 1982 is famous for her beauty and acting. His name is popular has become a byword because it is known to follow the fast. Some believe that Ga In has already converted, others suggest that the actress is on a diet. This controversy continues to roll, because there has been no confirmation of anything from the concerned.


3.Jang Geun Suk

Jang Geun Suk
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In addition to singing, Geun Suk also shows in terms of role play. His name immediately skyrocketed after a successful play in some popular Korean impressions. Call it Pretty Man, Beethoven Virus, Love Rain, and so on. The actor who has captured the hearts of many fans was later proclaimed to Islam in 2007. Just like Han Ga, rumors about his confidence have not been confirmed.


4.Lee Ki Woo

Lee Ki Woo
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Ki woo becomes another actor, besides Jung Il Woo, who both convert to Islam while playing in Flower Boy from Ramyun Shop. News about it also briefly enliven the media there. Even profiles or biodata related to his religion continue to be a debate.


5.Lee Won jae

Lee Won jae
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His name does not include a boy band or a Korean actor. He is a former Korean national footballer. In 2010, he has represented Korea’s national team at the World Cup as a goalkeeper. At that time his status was Muslim since he had embraced Islam since 2004.


Well, here are some Korean Artists Who Are Muslim. See you in the next discussion.


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