Favorite Food of Korean Artist


Favorite Food of Korean Artist – As we all know about Korean artists, they are very disciplined about what foods go into their bodies. Everything consumed should be monitored so that body shape is not widened. But like ordinary Korean artists also have their favorite food. What is favorite food from Korean artist? Let’s look at the following news:


1.Park Bom girlband 2NE1 group

Park Bom
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Personnel 2NE1 who often reap the controversy because of plastic surgery that lived now living in America. Although often involved in sensational coverage in South Korea, but he also incited some achievements with 2NE1. Park Bom has his favorite food he consumes to forget all the problems he faces. Park Bom’s favorite food is pudding. Because of Park Bom’s love of pudding, she even keeps some puddings under the mattress for easy searching whenever she wants to consume pudding.


2.Jaejoong personnel boyband group JYJ

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Jaejoong in addition to joining the boyband group JYJ is also a Korean multitalented artist. Because he also works as a songwriter, model, director and actor of drama and film. Korean artists who quarreled with their biological father had one favorite meal. All spicy Korean food is her favorite food. Many who joke at him about his favorite food that makes his lips always look fresh red even though not using lip gloss.


3.Donghae personnel boyband group Super Junior

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Super Junior boyband group born in Mokpo South Korea is better known as a calm person in terms of food choices than other SuJu members. Donghae has a pretty healthy favorite food among Koreans. His favorite food is Sundubu Jjigae. It is a soup that contains a variety of tofu, mushrooms, vegetables, and seafood. Most of these soups are combined with a spicy flavor to enhance the flavor.


4.Sandara Park 2NE1 girlband group

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Sandara Park member of the girl group of 2NE1 group proves that indeed she is a true Korean nationalist citizen. How not, he made one of the food street vendors as his favorite food. The rice cake or tteokbokki is his favorite food. Tteokbokki is a processed cake made from rice flour spicy in spicy sauce.


5. Boyband Group B.A.P

Boyband Group B.A.P
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Favorite Food of Korean Artist – Boyband group of six men handsome Members is always compact in all things even his favorite food. Group boyband who debuted in the year two thousand eleven is compact like typical Italian food that is Pizza. During breaks or breaks in activities with their boyband group, they will not refuse when a crew or fan sends a pizza box. Members of this band B.A.P will not hesitate to eat pizza even though they are on a diet program.


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